Miserable wet day so I made some Samosas.

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Hari Ghotra
over 2 years

Amazing and I loved your nigella moment last night 😂😂 @Paul Collier

Mark Harvey
over 2 years

must be samosa day @Paul Collier 🌶️😍🔥

Paul Collier
over 2 years

@traceyross only a couple left.

over 2 years

Nice looking samosas @Paul Collier I bet they did not last long.

over 2 years

Lovely dish, big success on a rainy day @Paul Collier. They look great and are surely very tasteful. Hari’s recipe is fantastic!

over 2 years

Oh, samoussas! I love samoussas @Paul Collier! Samoussas win the day today!