Aloo Tikki as a starter for the Sunday’s meal. I added some onions to the potatoes, fried golden brown, and parsley (cannot find coriander leaves for the moment!). We had them with mint Raita. Moroccan mint from the garden, with a very nice flavour.

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Hari Ghotra
12 months

Loves the battered ones - these are fab @boo

12 months

Very nice looking @boo and pretty with the little herb.

12 months

Yum Yum boo😂

12 months

💥 @Mark Harvey you have an eye for food! Indeed it’s the battered version. Gram flour and cumin seeds give a nice taste to the Tikki.

Mark Harvey
12 months

oh you did the battered version @boo

what do you think 🌶️🔥