@Hari Ghotra I bought these as I assumed they were Kashmiri chillies but they don’t say it anywhere on the packet. They look the same? What do you think? The only other whole dried chillies were birds eyes.

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Damian Green
over 2 years

Thanks @Steviewilcox and @Hari Ghotra I emailed the company and they confirm they’re not. They are hot tho and are a lovely red. I will look out again for Kashmiri

Hari Ghotra
over 2 years

Yes I agree with @Steviewilcox but they do look a good colour. I think they will be good. Might be hotter then Kashmiris though!

over 2 years

They look like red rocket chillies to me. Kashmiri chillies are usually labeled as such,they tend to be more wrinkly and are more cone shaped. what you have is still good for chilli powder though!!!