Hari Ghotras dish of the week
Chicken korma,with wild rice
Very nice. But I think the prep/cook times are a
Little ambitious,took me three hours to whip this up 😂

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12 months

Looks gorgeous @joncrewgee I have to agree with you it’s certainly relaxing cooking. Enjoy your Korma.

about 1 year

To be honest @Hari Ghotra I don’t care how long it takes,I’m just happy to be in the kitchen and away from my welder.kitchen time is chilling time 😊

Hari Ghotra
about 1 year

That’s good to hear @joncrewgee thanks for the feedback re timings - I will look at that again. Glad you enjoyed it.

about 1 year

I’ve never been a fan of korma,
I am now, that was amazing.
Have to say I’m enjoying your recipe of the week @Hari Ghotra,I find it more doable sometimes than the Friday club,because at some point in the week I have time to do it 👍

Jo Dunn
about 1 year

Looks fabulous @joncrewgee ! Really worth the effort! How did it taste? 💕

about 1 year

The result was really worth the time @joncrewgee! Artistically presented!! Enjoy!!

about 1 year

Looks great!! @joncrewgee What a delicious meal! Concerning prep time, you’re right as we have to skin and to chop the chicken! Takes some time! As to garlic and ginger, I have always a glass of both finely chopped covered with sunflower oil at hand. That makes it easy going.