Just in case you didn’t realise the #recipeoftheweek is Pumpkin 🎃 curry!! Looking forward to cooking these little beauties with you all on Friday.
Some of you seem to think that cooking only one dish is way too easy so what shall we do as a side??

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Hari Ghotra
12 months

Let’s do some naan - I thought I’d done naan before! I will post a recipe now - remember to get your dough ready early.

Arthur vdH
12 months

Indeed, @traceyross , I think garlic naan would go well with this curry.

12 months

Naan bread?

Sue Geen
12 months

I wondered about roti or a rice, especially as there's a lot of newbies?

Jo dunn
12 months

Can we do egg curry to go with? 💕