Downloaded the app this morning - love the videos and recipes - but feel such a fraud as I’m doing Mexican dishes tonight!

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Hari Ghotra
about 2 years

Hi @Rob Peat too funny 😂 please share your Mexican dinner pics with us!!

about 2 years

Hi and welcome @Rob Peat I hope you enjoy using the app and can join in with Hari’s cookalongs they are a lot of fun.

Jo dunn
about 2 years

Hi @Rob Peat! Welcome to the curry club 🌶 . Mexican works for me! 💕

Damian Green
about 2 years

Welcome @Rob Peat !! I’d still like to hear about and see some pics of your spicy Mexican grub. 👍👍

about 2 years

Caramba tortilla @Rob Peat! Welcome and cheers!!!