made Athrak for lunch to fight husband's cold and sore throat. so quick to make (easily under quarter of an hour). @Hari Ghotra the portion size was a bit off, said serves 4, bit we ate the lot between the two of us, and could have easily had more 😁

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Jo dunn
over 2 years

Oooh new Thali idea! Great going @Sue Geen 💕

Sue Geen
over 2 years

I think as a lunch, with nothing other than a roti, it serves 2. as part of a thali with other dishes I can see it would fit 4. @Hari Ghotra . it was delicious though!

Hari Ghotra
over 2 years

Hi @Sue Geen you usually have small cups of it but I guess most would have a bowlful - I will check and change it.

over 2 years

Athrak is a wonderful warming soup! I love it @Sue Geen