Today for lunch Chana Dal - with spinach and omelette instead of turnips. Wonderful warming meal on this autumn day. Topped with a spoonful of yoghurt.

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over 2 years

Thanks guys @Jo dunn @traceyross @victoria.darragh @Mark Harvey!!
Here is my tip for the omelette: the eggs should be very well whipped, a bit frothy. Heat a tsp butter in the pan. Add the eggs when the pan is really hot but butter not turning brown. As soon as the eggs start to thicken, shift it gradually to one side of the pan. When the underside is golden brown, turn it over for a few seconds only and serve immediately. The result will be a golden brown (only one side!!) fluffy omelette.

Jo dunn
over 2 years

Your omelette is so fluffy, looks scrummy @boo 💕

Mark Harvey
over 2 years

luvly as always @boo 💥🌶️😍

over 2 years

Looks lovely @boo a very delicious lunch. 👌

over 2 years

@boo my mouth is watering looking at this. Beautifully presented as always

Hari Ghotra
over 2 years

Love a good omelette @boo - nice work

over 2 years

Sumptuous colors @boo! A relish for ovo-vegetarians!