Lovely Aloo Bangun!! Wonderful recipe and so easy and quickly to cook! Hari’s recipes are extraordinary!
With garlic pickles and red chilli Achar 💥💥💥

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Jo dunn
12 months

My favourite veggie dish. Just lurvv the flavours on this one Great cooking @boo 💕

Arthur vdH
12 months

Oh yeah, that’s nice!

12 months

Lovely colours

12 months

Vegan rocks @boo!!!!!!!!

Hari Ghotra
12 months

Hi @boo this looks delicious. I love aubergine 🍆 sooooo much!
Great pic thanks for trying the recipe.

Mark Harvey
12 months

bringing wonderful variety to the table again @boo 🌶️💥😍

12 months

Lovely looking @boo I could eat this right now