Today we had Hari’s Keema!! Absolutely delicious!! With roti. Still all on one cooking plate in our kitchen which resembles a building site! I‘m really looking forward to my new kitchen in order to cook Hari’s wonderful recipes.
Thanks, Hari!

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Hari Ghotra
over 2 years

Once that kitchen is in you will be sooo happy. Keema look delicious @boo

over 2 years

A delicious looking Keema @boo hope you get your new kitchen soon. Love the roti and pickles too.

over 2 years

Yes, it‘s beef @Jo dunn you’re right!

Jo dunn
over 2 years

Well done one pan wonder! New kitchens are a fantastic treat, but the upheaval is a nightmare 😱. Love, love, LOVve Keema 😋. Is yours with beef, seems darker colour than mine? Nice colours with the tomato on top😃💕 @boo