I've been away from this group after a busy summer and getting building work done to the kitchen. Nearly there! Any Currys that work well in the Slow Cooker whilst I knuckle and finish the DIY?

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over 2 years

pork vindaloo is brilliant in the slow cooker @Hayley Edmundson

over 2 years

I love dhansak recipe - the smell is amazing

over 2 years

My favourites @Hayley Edmundson are Aloo Gobi, Beef Bhuna (lamb Bhuna recipe) and rice pudding. All super easy in the slow cooker.

over 2 years

Hi@Hayley Edmundson, Hari’s Slow Cooker book is great so many good recipes. Best of luck. 👍🌶🍴

Hayley Edmundson
over 2 years

no I'll have to buy it. That I Wala Chicken sounds great