Hi Guys

I hope you are having a great week - I am just about to make it even better!
With the festive period looming, I have been working hard to get some amazing Christmas offers organised for you. I'm working with Naked Wines who have a delicious selection of wines from around the world and they have offered me an exclusive offer of £75 off a case of wine to share with you all.
Click the link below, choose your wine, use the discount code and enjoy the wine!!

Please do feel free to share the link for the discount with all your friends and family too.

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Damian Green
over 2 years

I’ve been with Naked Wine for a few months now and can definitely recommend a few bottles I’ve tried.

over 2 years

Thank you Hari, a great Christmas gift idea🎁

Mark Harvey
over 2 years

just checked the wines on offer, really good selection and dam good price.