Thanks for a fab cook along tonight guys. I hope you enjoyed the cooking and the food. Did you have fun?

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Hari Ghotra
11 months

Thanks @traceyross I’m so pleased to hear that you find the cook along helpful and useful. So happy you enjoyed the dishes. Thanks for joining in.

11 months

Hi @Hari Ghotra really enjoyed the cookalong and your advice on everything including the onion colour/ginger grating/tomatoes. I sometimes question these little things. Seeing close ups of your dishes at different stages helped too. Thank you for teaching and giving your time. It helps so much.

Cooking more than one dish in the cookalong is great to learn much more about the dishes. Having the lovely curry/dal tonight as had a big lunch out yesterday. Thanks for everything

11 months

That looks delicious @Hari Ghotra!!!!!!

11 months

@Mark Harvey bang on mealz 😃👍

Sue Geen
11 months

it was great @Hari Ghotra

11 months

that looks amazing