Making the spiced tomato chutney. It has turned out really well. Easy prep, and the occasional stir whilst it cooks down. Easy clean up too! The flavour is intense, and comes in stages. First, the sweetness, then the spices, and finally that chilli warmth. I’m looking forward to trying some other chutney recipes now!

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Jeff Hills
11 months

I am doing another batch and giving a jar to someone for Christmas. I know they will enjoy it!

Mark Harvey
11 months

I need to do this 💥🍅🌶️

11 months

Looks great @Jeff Hills it’s a lovely chutney 👌

Hari Ghotra
11 months

I do love this @Jeff Hills I call it my indian ketchup. It’s superb with cheese as @joncrewgee said but also great with fishfingers, tortilla chips, prawn pakora and do much more. Enjoy and thanks for trying it!

11 months

That looks really good @Jeff Hills
Just in time for the Christmas cheeseboard 🤗