Palak Walee Lamb, Moong Masoor Di Dhal and naan. I made the PWL with some lovely wild spinach that my greengrocer’s had. I love that strong spinach flavour. This is another winner, @Hari Ghotra !

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over 2 years

Nice work @Arthur vdH,looks fantastic 🤗

Hari Ghotra
over 2 years

Nice 👍🏽 @Arthur vdH looks so wonderful!

over 2 years

Looks really delicious bet it was gorgeous tasting @Arthur vdH

over 2 years

All this looks really delicious @Arthur vdH! I love that dhal! Was certainly very taste, I bet!

over 2 years

Wonderful meal @Arthur vdH !! Beautifully presented! Great picture!