This one has a real kick, 🌶️

new recipe tonight

Rajasthani lamb, another cracker @Hari Ghotra 🌶️💥😍

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12 months

Mmmm @Mark. Looks great ... another one on the to do list. I was gonna say another one for the bucket list but I think maybe the term another one for the balti list would be better 🤣🤣

12 months

Looks great @Mark Harvey 👌

Hari Ghotra
12 months

Amazing I love that you are still finding new recipes that you enjoys @Mark Harvey

Jo dunn
12 months

Looks excellent @Mark Harvey . 💕

12 months

😋 I will find that recipe and try when I’m off next week.

12 months

That does look good @Mark Harvey

Arthur vdH
12 months

Hmm… that looks awesome, @Mark Harvey !