OMG! I was skeptical about the butter chicken but it was a total hit. we will be having it again ..
and again. the chickpea and kale curry will become a favourite too. thank you Hari x

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Tom Eato
over 1 year

Is the recipe just called butter chicken? I can’t see it listed?

over 1 year

Looks really delicious you must be very happy @Donovan Goodman

over 1 year

Well done @Donovan Goodman! That was certainly delicious!

over 1 year

What a delicious meal for NYE @Donovan Goodman 💥Lucky lady!!!

Hari Ghotra
over 1 year

Wow wow wow - look at that @Donovan Goodman what a feast. So happy to hear your thoughts on the dishes - glad you loved them!

over 1 year

It looks very appetising. Did you make the bread? Looks great!

Jo dunn
over 1 year

Great table @Donovan Goodman! So glad you did the kale and chick pea curry 🙌 yummy! Well done😃💕