@Hari Ghotra : Hi this is Sreenija, from Michigan USA. I have been a silent participant in this group for a month now. It’s amazing what you are doing Hari. You make this group interesting, fun and inspiring. You inspire ppl to cook. It’s a skill not every one has. Great job and keep going!

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over 2 years

Thank you everyone for the warm welcome. Thank you@Hari!

Hari Ghotra
over 2 years

Oh how wonderful - welcome indeed all the way from Michigan @Sreenija - I’m so looking forward to having you join in the cooking! Great to hear from you.

over 2 years

Welcome @Sreenija being part of this app can be life changing on the cooking front. Having met her in person a few times too, she is just the best! I could barely cook at all before finding Hari.

Jo dunn
over 2 years

Welcome to the app @Sreenija and well done on joining in! Hope Hari has inspired you to cook as well as watch! Hari is an amazing teacher and has supported us all in our cooking journeys with her! 💕

Mark Harvey
over 2 years

the gateway to Indian cooking heaven @Sreenija 🇨🇮🌶️😍