Happy Saturday #hariscurrycrew I hope you are all well. I’m working today at Abinger Cookery School and I thought you might like to see what we get up to. What are you up to this weekend?

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Hari Ghotra
7 months

Great to cook with you @Njj0606 I hope you enjoyed the day and the food! Thanks for being a great student 👨‍🎓

7 months

Thanks for a great day @Hari Ghotra, it was fab to meet you and learn great curry skills!

7 months

Looks great, have fun cooking @Hari Ghotra. I’m about to head out to a new gym class.

7 months

This is where I first met @Hari Ghotra , it was a brilliant day...

Jo dunn
7 months

Wow! Lovely to be 'shown' around! 🤩👍Thank you, very interesting, Hari! Have a great day, @Hari Ghotra 💕

Mark Harvey
7 months

have a fab time 🌶️🌶️💥😍😍