Ok. Here the recipe for the cauliflower-coconut-curry with oranges: Heat oil in a pan. Add the florets from approx. 500g cauliflower and small cubes from 4 potatoes and a teaspoon turmeric. Stir-fry until there are light brown. Remove the vegetables and set aside. Add oil, 2 bay leaves, 4 cloves, 1 teaspoon cumin seeds, 3 green cardamoms and approx 3 cm cinnamon stick to the pan and heat until you can smell the fragrances of the spices. Than reduce the heat to medium and add 2 roughly chopped onions and heat for 5-7 mins until the onions are light golden. Add a tablespoon of fresh ginger paste and stir-fry for 1 min. Add 1 teaspoon kashmiri chili and 1 teaspoon sugar. Stir-fry for 1 min. Add the vegetables, mix well with the masala paste in the pan and add 300ml coconut milk and 100ml water as well as the flesh of 2 oranges. Mix well, season with salt and cook over low heat for about 15 mins. Then add 1 teaspoon of garam masala, mix and garnish with the flesh of 1 orange. I hope you will enjoy this curry.

Posted by Andypsilon at 2019-01-16 17:04:56 UTC