Hari’s Spicy 🌶Pulled Chicken from Slow Cooker Recipe Book with Mushroom rice 🍛 with spinach & turmeric. Yum 😋🤤🤤

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about 2 years

Wow. That's looking really very yummy @victoria.darragh
I think I should start also use a slow cooker. Have to look if I can buy @Hari Ghotra slow cooking book in Germany. 🤔

about 2 years

Very nice@victoria.darragh

Jo dunn
about 2 years

Looking fab @victoria.darragh! Great looking pulled chicken. How was your rice and timings this time? 💕

about 2 years

That’s a perfect recipe @Hari Ghotra for pulled chicken and so ridiculously easy too. The Tamarind paste really gave it a great tang. Mouth was watering last night. Thanks Hari. 👍👍😋😋

about 2 years

Looks delicious @victoria.darragh

Hari Ghotra
about 2 years

That chicken looks fantastic @victoria.darragh - it’s definitely pulled!

about 2 years

Lovely @victoria.darragh! Beautiful colors! You certainly enjoyed it!