Sunday lunch - 2nd part: Aloo Gobi with paranthas, made with atta.

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Tom Eato
6 months

Looks amazing!

Hari Ghotra
7 months

How tasty love paratha with aloo Gobi - simple but so satisfying @boo

7 months

Lovely @boo! And a great photo!!!

Mark Harvey
7 months

top class as always @boo 😍🌶️💥

I did Bombay aloo today as well 😋

Jo dunn
7 months

Very pretty @boo ! 💕

Arthur vdH
7 months

Lovely @boo !

7 months

Beautiful @boo.really colourful
And a great photo 👍

7 months

Lovely looking dish and colours @boo I could eat this for my breakfast 👍