Palak paneer with nan bread tonight.Is it cost effective to make your own as I used 4 pints of milk!

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Hari Ghotra
8 months

Yum 😋 prob cheaper to buy it but I like to make it and tastes better too @pturner100

8 months

Your meal looks delicious! Sorry I don’t know if it’s better cost wise buying or making paneer. I’ve only made it from scratch and loved it. Go with what you think tastes best. Your dish looks so good.

Arthur vdH
8 months

Looks inviting @pturner100 ! As for cost effectiveness: depends on how close by you can get paneer. I assume the cost of fuel might offset the extra cost of milk (if any), no?

8 months

Wonderful vegetarian dish @pturner100!! Love it!!!!!!