Chicken Jalfrezi with lemon rice absolutely all time favourite so far, big thumbs up from the wife as well 😀

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Ian Floyd
about 2 years

We added the Greek yoghurt and left out a few green chillies as the wife prefers milder taste I guess that’s why it’s not a reddish colour? But even if I do say so myself it tasted amazing 👍😀

Hari Ghotra
about 2 years

Wow 😮 @Ian Floyd looks damn good to me. Nice to hear it got the thumbs up 👍🏽
Welcome to the app great to have you join us!!

about 2 years

Nice looking Jalfrezi there @Ian Floyd look forward to seeing more of your cooking.

about 2 years

A delicious meal! @Ian Floyd And so nicely presented ⭐️

about 2 years

@Ian Floyd that looks so so good,

Jo dunn
about 2 years

Welcome to the app @Ian Floyd. Very nice looking curries, beautifully presented too! 👌💕