Finally had it tonight, Keralan Pandi, Tarka Dhal & Mutter Paneer & they were the best Indian dishes I've made to date by far. Unfortunately ran out of coriander to garnish & finish it of for appearance

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about 2 years

Hi @ken.macritchie I’ve used chicken for a few of Hari’s curries instead of the meat in the recipe and it’s always been delicious- I’ve tried the lamb Bhuna recipe using chicken, beef and pork. I do substitute Hari’s lamb recipes for beef. A robust masala with the stronger spices is good with beef like a Madras but I have not made this dish to know what the masala tastes like if it’s mild. You could always try it and see with beef. I’m sure it would be lovely.

about 2 years

@Hari Ghotra it was absolutely fantastic, how do you think this would work with either beef (due to the tomatoes) or chicken ?

Hari Ghotra
about 2 years

That’s so fab @ken.macritchie glad you got round to cooking it. So pleased you enjoyed it.

Jo dunn
about 2 years

Woo hoo @ken.macritchie! So exciting seeing all your recipes! Love the pork dish! 💕