Couldn't find fenugreek leaves
I'm making tikka masala recipe
I have batts fenugreek seeds cans I use these instead if so what quantity please

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about 2 years

Oh okay thanks
Might try and grow some 😀

Hari Ghotra
about 2 years

Hi @aksweetaschocolate you can’t really substitute the seeds for the leaves. The seeds are very strong so it could over power your dish. If you can’t get them then just miss them out this time. You can order the methi leaves from me for next time. Make sure you take a picture.

about 2 years

@aksweetaschocolate are near Oxfordshire as if you are I can give you some 👍

about 2 years

Seeds and leaves make a difference!! @aksweetaschocolate Try to find dried methi leaves if you cannot find fresh ones. Or ... take a pot and sow some seeds. Harvest after 4-6 weeks! That works well! I do so because I can’t get fresh methi leaves where I live.