So here is my dish from last night - 70 people fed and it went down a storm! Pudina lamb cutlets, spiced aloo bonda cake, avocado yoghurt and Indian pickled onions - Done phew 😅

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about 2 years

What a beautiful plate!!! @Hari Ghotra Wonderfully composed dish!! Great presentation!!

about 2 years

@Hari Ghotra that's an amazing plate of food, if I tried presentation like that it would look like I'd dropped it out of a plane at 30000 feet 🤣

Damian Green
about 2 years

Well done You @Hari Ghotra xx

about 2 years

Beautiful looking plate @Hari Ghotra you must of been buzzing after feeding 70 people. Well done.👌

Terry Buck
about 2 years

looks lush😍

Arthur vdH
about 2 years

Wow, that’s a stunning plate of food @Hari Ghotra !

Jo dunn
about 2 years

Congratulations! Really well done, Hari! Looks stunning🙌

Mark Harvey
about 2 years

70 people, crikey, sounds like a MasterChef episode !!

massive congratulations @Hari Ghotra 🌶️😲♨️👋

Gordon Moore
about 2 years

Looks gorgeous Hari. I've got to give it a go.