This is how my tikki aloo turned out, I was well pleased😁 Before using chick pea flour batter and after. It was my first time using this flour. Also my first time making a patti type thing without using egg. (Why did I ever use egg?) The lighter were made using a thicker batter. It started to run out and seemed to be getting thicker so I added water, also flour, but not enough apparently, though both coatings were good. 😂

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Jo dunn
about 2 years

Great tikki @ediblegarden 😀

about 2 years

@Hari Ghotra thanks for the encouraging comments guys. I’m in Busselton, South West corner of Australia. On Geographe Bay.

about 2 years

Nice looking little aloo tikki @ediblegarden 💞

Hari Ghotra
about 2 years

Love these @ediblegarden and welcome to the app. So great to have you join us - where in the world are you based?

about 2 years

I love Aloo tikki @ediblegarden 💥 They look so good!

about 2 years

They look good!!!