Last week’s balti pie gave me this idea: keema pie. A different version from the mash-topped one. This works well!

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Hari Ghotra
7 months

Check them out @Arthur vdH little beauties!

Jo dunn
7 months

Get those lil' pies @Arthur vdH! Wonderful! Love keema! Love pies! 👨‍🍳🥧

7 months

Love your pies, they look really good and delicious @Arthur vdH do love Keema

Damian Green
7 months

Wow! That looks delicious @Arthur vdH

7 months

Lovely @Arthur vdH! Wonderfully shot photo!

7 months

Wow! Beautiful photos!! Wonderful pies! Very appetising!! @Arthur vdH
Keema pies are one of our favs. Very practical snack when we are on a trip to somewhere.