I have teamed up with the amazing Screen to Plate from @Tom Dudley meal kit company who bring You Tube cooking video recipes direct to your door!
You can now get ALL the ingredients you need to cook my fresh, fragrant dishes through the click of a button.
You choose your main ingredient (from meat to vegan options), pick your sides, pick your rice, pick your bread and it will all be delivered to your front door.
To help you cook these wonderful dishes I can be in your kitchen showing you what to do on the linked videos!
Click the link in my bio to order yours today and get 20% off too!
I cannot wait to see the pictures come flooding in!!
Cook it, love it, share it!

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Hari Ghotra
about 2 years

Thanks for dropping by @Tom Dudley hoping everyone loves the concept too!

Tom Dudley
about 2 years

Thanks so much for partnering with us Hari! We’re really excited to be able to make it easier for people to recreate your recipes at home.

Oh and Hi Everyone! I’m Tom - one of the founders at Screen to Plate. Hope you like our concept! 😊🤞

Damian Green
about 2 years

We’ll all come to your house instead @ediblegarden 🤣

about 2 years

France? You think that’s a problem 😂😂😂, I’m in Australia, and not even the busy bit😁. But to tell the truth, I grow most of my own ingredients anyway.

about 2 years

Very exciting indeed @Hari Ghotra but spose they won’t deliver to front doors in France ☹️

Arthur vdH
about 2 years

I think that this will motivate many people to start cooking Indian food @Hari Ghotra ! Excellent initiative!