What are we having for dinner tonight #hariscurrycrew ? I haven’t got time to cook as I’m out at a school concert. I need to see your pictures so I can see what I’m missing out on - booooo!

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Damian Green
about 2 years

Chicken and cashews with Tender stem Broccoli in blackbean sauce and noodles for us tonight. Sue made homemade Pie 🥧 last night - pies are the future now @Hari Ghotra what have you done!??? Xxx

Hari Ghotra
about 2 years

These all look so good - loving the diversity of all this amazing cooking! Thanks for sharing it with me!

Arthur vdH
about 2 years

I’n not cooking tonight either @Hari Ghotra . Had to get up at 5.15 this morning and I’m not home yet. I’m settling for a store-bought lentil salad and flatbread.

about 2 years

No curry tonight I'm afraid. We're having dry aged sirloin steak with chips, onion rings and salad with a wedge of stilton 👍

Mark Harvey
about 2 years

I'm doing tandoori chicken and prawn and crab tikki again 🦀🍤😂♥️