Hello Hari and group, I just made Keema shepherds pie using your recipe... added just a couple of flourishes of my own, an extra chilli, small amount of ponch poran and a touch of Guinness, I'm Irish originally and find very few things don't go better with Guinness....Anyhow it was delicious 😙

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Hari Ghotra
9 months

I love it @Sean welcome to the app. I am loving the addition of the Guinness - I might have to use that!

9 months

I don’t like Guinness! Sorry @Sean, but your pie is great!!

Mark Harvey
9 months

love it @Sean 🥧🍺

guineas and red wine my favourite rustic slants 🌶💢

Arthur vdH
9 months

Ooh! Guinness! And food! 😃 Would make me happy @Sean !

9 months

Yum that looks great @Sean it’s a lovely recipe.

9 months

Thanks Latif 😄

9 months

Lovely pie @Sean...and I love Guinness!!!!!