Sharing my dish from Friday’s epic event at Stoke Park. I cooked these lamb tikki infused with black cardamom, cloves and cassia on a bed of spiced chickpea and pomegranate chaat with 3 delicious chutney’s. 120 guests with 6 chefs top chefs from the industry including Chef Novelli!
An amazing night - phew 😅

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Ann Own
about 2 years

Brava! Wonderful and talented as always @Hari Ghotra 😻

cat Nuttall
about 2 years

wow.....looks stunning

about 2 years

Stunning looking food @Hari Ghotra great photos

about 2 years

The same dish 120 times? That certainly is epic, looks awesome Hari.

about 2 years

Looks amazing and I bet tasted more so. Nice one @Hari Ghotra 👏