South Indian coconut-pork curry from @Hari Ghotra slow cook book...... again but this time I’m not ‘pulling’ the pork joint, am being a good boy and doing as recipe says!

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Hari Ghotra
about 2 years

Loving your ‘meatonplates’ hehe 😂 @andrewsherman - nothing like left overs for lunch!!

about 2 years

I think my daughter calls it ‘meats on plates’ 😂 (mise en place) @Mark Harvey
This one is so good and tasty, yes @traceyross , we had to cook it again. So easy and convenient too.

about 2 years

There is something nice about having it all prepped. It must of been tasty once it was cooked @andrewsherman

Mark Harvey
about 2 years

perfect prep @andrewsherman 🖐💥🌶