Vegetable Pakoras! An easy recipe to follow from the Hari Ghorta website. I changed the recipe slightly by adding one more onion and some spinach. I don’t use the spinach from the supermarket that you find in the bags because it’s over priced and I’m paying someone to put it in a pretty bag! So I go to my local shops where I get two massive bunches of fresh spinach for £1! Just wash and take off the leaves from the stalks. Buy your spices, chillis and your onions from local markets or shops as they are fresher and better priced than the big supermarkets. Don’t get me wrong I shop at Tesco, Aldi and Lidl (I’m a full time working mum of two so convenience does play a role!) but I like to support my local shops as well. In half term I will mainly shop local because I’m not at work and have the time to browse! Love a good browse in a food shop! Especially if the kids are not with me! Give the Pakoras a go as they were a great crowd pleaser for adults and kids. Just add less chilli for the first few batches your fry so the kids have the less spicy ones and then add more fresh chilli for the adult batches. Enjoy!!

Posted by stuck4ideas at 2019-04-14 09:59:06 UTC