Okay, I’m a bit behind schedule, but here is the #recipeofthreeweeksago :-) Chettinad chicken with aloo gobi and couscous. I wasn’t planning on doing an extra starch in addition to the aloo, but the chettinad chicken had such a lovely gravy that I wanted something to take it …

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Hari Ghotra
about 2 years

Loving your experiments @Arthur vdH - couscous is a great rice alternative- tasty tasty 😋

Naveen Morris
about 2 years

So yummy! This has made me hungry 😋😋

Arthur vdH
about 2 years

I could make a pie or two, now that you mention it @andrewsherman ! I find that couscous works quite well with curries. Just plain couscous with only a bit of olive oil. I used it with carrot and beetroot shorba too and I liked it!

about 2 years

I’ve never thought of using cous cous with a curry, I don’t really like it but will try it. Nice one @Arthur vdH
Any spare for a pie?

about 2 years

Couscous!!! Yummy @Arthur vdH

about 2 years

Looks delicious love the cous cous addition. This must of tasted great @Arthur vdH