Raajma, kidney bean curry and Hari’s recipe of the week. Really love this dish. Quick to make and super tasty. It’s great for lunches too with leftovers. Thank you Hari.

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12 months

Thank you @latif @Arthur vdH @Naveen Morris @Hari Ghotra and @Mark Harvey for your lovely comments. Raajma is a favourite of mine and enjoy it as much as dhal dishes. Naveen and Mark hope you try it soon, you will love it.

Mark Harvey
12 months

lovely colours and textures again @traceyross

I'm putting this on my vegan watch list 🔥😍👍

Hari Ghotra
12 months

Lovely picture of goodness right there @traceyross

Naveen Morris
12 months

Ohh!! I'm attempting this in the week looks so delicious! 🙃

Arthur vdH
12 months

You did it again @traceyross : I’m hungry again.

12 months

Lovely @traceyross! Deliciously presented. In the week, my wife made a kind of raajma, but white beans.