Raajma, kidney bean curry and Hari’s recipe of the week. Really love this dish. Quick to make and super tasty. It’s great for lunches too with leftovers. Thank you Hari.

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about 2 years

Thank you @latif @Arthur vdH @Naveen Morris @Hari Ghotra and @Mark Harvey for your lovely comments. Raajma is a favourite of mine and enjoy it as much as dhal dishes. Naveen and Mark hope you try it soon, you will love it.

Mark Harvey
about 2 years

lovely colours and textures again @traceyross

I'm putting this on my vegan watch list 🔥😍👍

Hari Ghotra
about 2 years

Lovely picture of goodness right there @traceyross

Naveen Morris
about 2 years

Ohh!! I'm attempting this in the week looks so delicious! 🙃

Arthur vdH
about 2 years

You did it again @traceyross : I’m hungry again.

about 2 years

Lovely @traceyross! Deliciously presented. In the week, my wife made a kind of raajma, but white beans.