Easter Mutton Raan, served with spicy carrot hummus, homemade flatbreads, cucumber raita , peppers and carrot sticks. Family loved it, even those who don't usually like lamb! Thank you @harighotra 👍😋

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11 months

What a beautiful table of food @fionamcd62 looks delicious

11 months

They all loved it 👍😋

Hari Ghotra
11 months

What a feast for your family @fionamcd62 - what did they think?

Jo dunn
11 months

Looks fabulous @fionamcd62. Great spread! 👩‍🍳👍💕

Arthur vdH
11 months

Looks like feast @fionamcd62 !

11 months

Looks fabby @fionamcd62 😋