Made balti chicken pies with tamarind rice and cashew nut curry yesterday. Sorry, no pics, people fell on the food like wolves …

I love that tamarind rice, that’ll definitely return. Cashew nut curry too: lovely and creamy, but still with a bit of chew from the nuts.

They were all kiddy versions. My sister doesn’t handle spicy food well. So I basically waved a few chillies over the pans and cut ginger and chilli powder to 1/4 of the usual amounts. She said that that was just tolerable 😄

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Mark Harvey
almost 2 years

just looked up the tamarind rice @Arthur vdH 😯😯🍚🍚

almost 2 years

Sounds lovely @Arthur vdH I must try the rice dish.

Hari Ghotra
almost 2 years

I’m so pleased you tried the cashew nut curry @Arthur vdH sounds weird but it really is lovely. Like you said creamy with a crunch. Well done on timing down the chilli 🌶 we have to cook to suit the guests sometimes!

Jo dunn
almost 2 years

Sounds great @Arthur vdH , shame no pics, but it's sometimes quite hard to take photos when the excitement has escalated to serving the final dish!!! Cashew nut curry sounds intriguing. I must try the tamarind rice 👨‍🍳 💕