It’s Sunday and not that warm so time for Hari’s Sausage Rolls! Whoop... 👍👍👩🏻‍🍳

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Mark Harvey
over 1 year

they're back @victoria.darragh 🌶💥😍

Hari Ghotra
over 1 year

Yey the sausage rolls are still going strong 💪🏽 @victoria.darragh

Jo dunn
over 1 year

Glad to be reminded of this one, @victoria.darragh 🌯🌯👍💕

over 1 year

Yum bet they did not last long @victoria.darragh

Arthur vdH
over 1 year

Little packets of goodness @victoria.darragh !

over 1 year

They look gawjusssssss!