Steamed asparagus with amchur and coriander butter; and tamarind rice. Amchur’s sourness, together with the butter’s sweetness, that works well with the asparagus! Then the nuttiness of the tamarind rice provides a lovely counterpoint.

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Hari Ghotra
over 1 year

Lovely use of seasonal veg @Arthur vdH

Arthur vdH
over 1 year

I have seen them @Jo dunn , on the shelves at the supermarket. And I happily left them there in favour of fresh ones ;-) They’re so much better!

Jo dunn
over 1 year

Great looking plate! @Arthur vdH! Haven't seen those canned asparagus in years! 😀👍💕

over 1 year

Looks very tasty @Arthur vdH 👌

Andrew Cockburn
over 1 year

Looks really tasty - I gab tried amchur a couple of times and it adds a lovely dimension