Lamb kofta (Hari’s recipe) with a chicory recipe of my own design. I started with 2tbsp of coconut oil and chopped onions, then mistakenly added the garlic that was supposed to go into the kofte sauce. Browned them, after a while added 1tsp of cumin and 1tsp of fennel seeds. Added chopped tomatoes and some salt, and cooked it down to a masala. Next I added the halved heads of chicory and carefully coated them with the masala. I added a splash of water and brought it to a boil. Sprinkled in the juice of one lemon, both to add some acidity and to keep the chicory from going brown. Stewed for some fifteen minutes, then stirred in 1tsp garam masala. I liked the result :-)

Posted by Arthur vdH at 2019-05-11 17:54:23 UTC