Good evening everyone!
I hope you are all well and can I just say 'Thank You' so much for all the amazing food pictures you guys have been sharing. Every time I see a new photograph of your food it really does bring a smile to my face so thank you for your continued support - #HarisCurryCrew are the best!

Also a huge welcome to all the new subscribers - I hope you love the app and remember I am always here to answer your questions so make sure you @HariGhotra if you want me!!

Now, today marks the start of #NationalVegetarianWeek so you have guessed it, it's a veggie #recipeoftheweek and I thought I would go with one of my favourites Okra!!
I know it's a bit of a love it or hate it vegetable but my job is all about getting you guys to try something you wouldn't usually choose and this recipe is really quick and super simple to cook. It's not slimy if you follow my instructions - so give me a thumbs up if you are going to cook this one.

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almost 2 years

I’ve never tried okra but heard it is tasty from friends who visited India. I will give this a try.

Andrew Cockburn
almost 2 years

Giving that a try at the weekend - love Amchur!

Ann Own
almost 2 years

Yeeeeee! Thank you Hari!

Mark Harvey
almost 2 years

nice choice @Hari Ghotra 😎🌶💥🕺