I want to cook Saturday and just got the info, that currently curry leaves are not available in Germany.
Any ideas, what substitution I can use? Our just forget curry leaves and cook without it?
Thanks Volker

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Hari Ghotra
almost 2 years

Yes just go with dry ones @Volker Dobler you can grow your own if you want to.

Volker Dobler
almost 2 years

@Arthur vdH good idea ... thanks. My Indian supermarket had fresh curry leaves when I bought them 2 months ago. But today the owner told me, that there is some problems importing them. But I will use dry leaves 😀

Arthur vdH
almost 2 years

You should be able to get dried curry leaves , @Volker Dobler . The problem is really with getting fresh ones. I have the same situation here in the Netherlands. I just use dried curry leaves, about 1.5–2 times the amount of fresh ones as specified in the recipe.