The Thali Whalli lamb my first attempt ... but it was gorgeous ! My 9 year old and my missus said it was 10 out of 10 !

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Sean Ó Corráin
almost 2 years

Hi Hari ... yes my first post and first attempt at one of your recipes :) great app thank you for sharing , I’m going to have a lot of fun cooking these over the summer months :)

Hari Ghotra
almost 2 years

10/10 is very impressive for your first attempt! Looks really rich and tasty 😋 @Sean Ó Corráin - is this your first post in the app?

almost 2 years

Looks Yummy !! 😋

Jo dunn
almost 2 years

SOooo good @Sean Ó Corráin! Can't beat praise from a 9 yr old!! Looks delish by the way 😀🙌👏💕