Laal Maas and Chicken Pathia - 2 very different dishes! Pathia went according to plan, very easy to prep and cook, amazing flavor. So different to a restaurant Pathia, but so good ... dare I say better? Pathia has always been my favorite and I think Hari just took it to a new level!!! Laal Maas was a different story. I cooked it for an hour and a half but the chilies showed no sign whatsoever of breaking down - in the end I blended them with a little of the juice. With that done though the dish really came together - the heat of the chilies is counterbalanced by the decadence of the ghee :) This is a very spicy dish. Next time I will use 20 instead of 30 chilies and probably soak them and make a late ahead of cooking. Overall another successful curry cooking session!

Posted by Andrew Cockburn at 2019-05-19 21:27:05 UTC