Monday Moments Having spoken to you guys it's become apparent that not only is this a food and recipe app, it's also a support group, a place where friendships are born and lots of love is shared so thank you to each and everyone of you for posting and sharing the love we all have for cooking, food and eating. Now, I'm fairly good and keeping this face smiling but I know it's hard sometimes especially when there is so much going on in our lives that brings us down. So today's challenge is to post a smiling selfie in the thread below - you might not feel like it but I promise you it will lift your spirits when you see everyone else's smiling faces. A smile gives so much to others and to yourself so no excuses and tell me where in the world you are posting from too! Come on let's see those beautiful faces and if I get a few then I might even post this weeks #recipeoftheweek ! Big Love xx

Posted by Hari Ghotra at 2019-05-20 10:35:08 UTC