I’ve got a bit of a thing about the amount of cling film I use at the moment and wanted to share this alternative with you. I found these beeswax sheets for sandwiches and covering leftovers in the fridge. They are great - reusable and washable too. Expensive but you reuse them so it makes sense - You guys should try them!

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almost 2 years

Great @Hari Ghotra, the modern world seems to run on cling film, we must try it.
Thanks for the info.

almost 2 years

Yep, I’ve been using them for a while. Good on you Hari for promoting. I’m just totally over plastic, constantly picking particles out of my soil. I use wooden clothes pegs, metal/wood/natural fibres dustpan and brush, and bamboo toothbrush. It’s great the alternatives are showing up.

Simon N
almost 2 years

What a great idea! We get through miles of cling film...

Jo dunn
almost 2 years

Curiously I'd been thinking the same thing recently 🤔 but I guess we're all so reliant on the clinkerfilm as hubby calls it that we need a big nudge to change our habits. Well done Hari 🙌👍👏

almost 2 years

Looks great, I’ve been trying to use less cling film and cover bowls of soup/beans/chickpeas with a plate in the fridge but still need clingfilm for everything else that’s going to smell the fridge. Will take a look for these.

Alex Reid
almost 2 years

Much rather use these than clingfilm.

almost 2 years

You can get them on Amazon.

almost 2 years

that looks amazing. where did you get yours?