Hi Everyone. This is my first post (even though I've been lurking for a long time) so I'd just like to say that this is fantastic community for cooking. So much enthusiasm. I was just wondering if anyone has a recipe for Habshi Halwa which is possible to make using ingredients available in the UK? Thanks

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11 months

Hi @coldando 👋

11 months

Thanks @Jo dunn :-)
Thanks @Hari Ghotra that would be grand. Is it difficult to get right? I don't know anyone who's made it before, everyone seems to have bought it from a retailer (like me!)

Hari Ghotra
11 months

Hi @coldando great to have you join us welcome!! I will try and post a recipe for you - it’s fairly straight forward milk, flour, sugar, ghee, almonds, cardamom, saffron, vinegar. You curdle the milk with vinegar reduce and add the other ingredients with coco too.

Jo dunn
11 months

Hi @coldando and welcome to the app and curry club! 😁

Can't help with the habshi halwa. I'm afraid🤔