Oh no - I thought it was still Sunday!!! Sooooo sorry but here is this weeks #recipeoftheweek

I love ribs, in fact I am cooking some right now so I thought why not get you guys to try my Tamarind ribs - tangy, spices and sticky just the ways ribs should be. So here it is my Tamarind ribs - who is in for this weeks recipe?

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almost 2 years

This is on the menu for Sunday, really looking forward to it as I love ribs.

almost 2 years

These look very tasty, will give these a go at the weekend.👌

almost 2 years

Haha done some ribs like this a couple of days ago, but used diced tomatoes and not water. I’m ashamed I didn’t use tamarind I should’ve thought of that. Otherwise very similar, though I used lamb ribs and put in some rosemary. O and I used honey not sugar😆 I like the look of this and I’ll try soon, tonight I’m going to middle daughters birthday party (33, the horror) and I’m about to make a batch of Aloo Tikki as promised, thanks Hari 💐😉

Arthur vdH
almost 2 years

Ooh, they look delicious! Maybe I will be cooking them over the weekend!